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CIO Villas & Vacation Rentals understands how hard it is to find a realiable vendor who is willing to pay a commission for your time and effort. That is why we ALWAYS pay our agents a commission! Whether you are looking for exclusive rates at one of our resorts and hotels or a private vacation rental, we make sure to reimburse you for your hard work. Comission rates range from 2.5% - 15% depending on property and location. 


IMPORTANT: If you work with a Host Agency and your agreement requires you to invoice all bookings through them, your commissions will be sent to them and not directly to you. If you do not list a Host Agency, the commissions will be sent to the address you list.

The first ever Travel Agent portal for villas and vacation rentals is now LIVE!

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Great news! There is a new way for you to earn commission. Vacation Rentals. This is a HOT market right now and, according to statistics, will continue to be one for years to come. CIO Villas & Vacation Rentals is launching a new online booking portal focused specifically on these short term rentals and it will be exclusively used by YOU the Travel Agent!


But first you need to learn all you can about this industry which is why we've designed this online course. Take our course. Start earning commission. Here's what you need to know:

  • The course is $30 (Ask about a discount code if you are a Travel Quest agent)
  • It will take approximately 30-45 mins to complete.
  • You will gain invaluable knowledge to take with you when you start booking vacation rentals.
  • Upon completing the course, you will receive a certificate verifying that you are now a Vacation Rental Specialist

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If you are already a registered agent and are looking for a quote please fill out our Travel Request Form or contact us directly. 

*At this time we are not accepting new travel inquires as we are solely focused on getting our booking portal up and running by August 2020. Thank you for your patience!

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