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Step 1 - Registration

Prior to listing your property with us, you must register as a Homeowner or Property Manager first. Your registration will be reviewed within 24 hours of submitting.

Step 2 - Pay Invoice

Upon approval of your registration, you will receive an invoice from CIO Villas. You will not gain access to the portal until you pay this invoice and subscribe as a lister.

Step 3 - Upload

Once your registration and your subsciption have been approved, you will be give a login for the TA Portal. Now you are ready to upload your property.

Control & Transparency

When uploading your property to our Travel Agent Portal, you will have complete control of the details such as descriptions and photos as well as the following options:

  • Availability Calendar with options to add iCal and VRBO Calendar links
  • Rate Tool including Seasonal Rates
  • Taxes & Fees Tool
  • Terms and Conditions upload feature
  • Commission structure

You will also be given the option to complete bookings within the portal or outside of the portal such as direct through your website or through third party sites. Or if you prefer to have the Travel Agent contact you directly, you can do that as well!


We don't want to be the "middle-man" between you and our Travel Agents. That is why we allow our agents to contact you directly with questions and bookings. The less people involved in a booking, the less likely for error. We encourage direct communication between both parties which allows less booking fees and more relationship building. We pride ourselves on being fully transparent with our Travel Agents and our Listing Partners.

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