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CIO Villas & Vacation Rentals is a vacation rental agency specializing in helping travel agents find vacation rentals for their clients. We are here to bridge that gap between agents and property owners and managers. 


All of our properties guarantee commission to agents! This means no more working for free or passing on a booking because you don't know where to go. We understand the frustration and that is why we are here!


Our company has been around for 45 years. Formally known as Caribbean Information Office, we originally specialized in only Caribbean destinations. In the past 7 years, we have expanded and are now able to commissionable vacation rentals all over the world! We offer everything from luxury villas, to high-rise condos, to homes on the beach. In 2020, we launched the first and only Travel Agent Portal for Villas and Vacation Rentals. A resource like this didn't exist on the market and travel agents were often throwing away clients who were looking for short term home rentals. We knew this was a much needed platform in the agent community and we are happy to be the first to offer it!


Also in 2020, we developed an online community called CIO Travel Group. It was created with the belief that travel advisors are the future of travel! Our main purpose is to provide new experiences in travel while helping agents grow and diversify their businesses. We are here to help you create your own success stories and build powerful relationships with industry leaders and clients. By joining our travel agent community, you are opening the door to commissionable villas, vacation rentals and condos. You also get exclusive training courses, marketing opportunities and business building tools. By bringing travel agents together in a non-biased community platform, we are able to educate and enhance your business in ways you've never imagined. Let's stop working harder and start working smarter!

Melanie Haber



Melanie and her husband Kyle are travel enthusiasts with their favorite destination being the British Virgin Islands. Melanie is involved with the day-to-day operation of the business and is proud of developing and growing the business into what it is today. Developing relationships with travel professionals is why Melanie loves her job so much! They have 2 boys, Landon who is 9 and Corbin who is 5, that keep them very busy. 


Contact Melanie via e-mail: info@ciovillas.com  

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